Monday, April 12, 2010

i ♥ JUNE!!

was planning n talking abt junie's wedding...

OMG!! im getting reali excited..

can June come faster???????
even though i haven perfect my makeup skills, my hairstyling..

even though i haven even start losing an inch yet...

even though even though there r clearly so many things not done n planned yet...

but i still wan June to come faster!!

can c pretty junie in her pretty white gown n cam whore non stop...

gers, arent u all getting excited?!?!?!



  1. Haha, gown pretty yes... Junie pretty mmmm... haha...
    And U look fine! Dun have to shed anything!!! And yes, june will come soon and we can cam whore non-stop. But first, let camwhore non-stop on may 22nd! :)

  2. Hmm talk about shedding... I realised, our swimming session only happened ONCE. (T_T)'''

    Remind me to take more photos on that day k! Maybe I can be the unofficial photographer... EHEHEHEHE!!!