Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too MANY things, Too LITTLE time??

wat do u do when u found that u have too little time and too many things u wan or need to do on ur hands??

things like:
  • work (which is taking up a huge space in ur life)
  • trying to catch drama serials aft work...
  • to BLOG
  • to play fb games...
  • to catch up wif frens aft work..
  •  to hav some time wif fam..
  • to chitchat wif ur loved ones..
  • to experiment with new gadgets...
  • to SLEEP
etc etc etc..

i found myself in a situation where i seem to have a million of things 2 do aft work time.. sbut time is not on my side to let mi accomplish a lot of things before slp time.. im trying to race with limited time!

either i end up slping v late becos im too engrossed doing things... or i force myself 2 slp ltr becos i wan 2 get e things i wan done.. or i try 2 slp earlier n put aside e things tat i need or wish to do...

if i sacrifice my slp time, i end up being v grumpy at waking pt n slpy at work for e whole day...
but when i do slp, my whole mind is on e things tat i wan to do n i dun hav a gd quality slp...

tell mi how can i actually find more time..

i dun even have the time to properly blog.. nor e time to complete my photo editing...

some random pics where i finally hav some time to edit n post...

trying to camwhore using e long mirror Jun has installed in her living room.. damn cool can... mad love e long mirror.. i wish i hav such a mirror at hm.. den i can camwhore non stop...

look who's behind trying to steal my "limelight".. wahahahaa.. dear xuan trying to sneak in a shot wif mi!!

one of our rare together shots ever since we hav started on working..
sometimes i like my curls, sometimes i dun like it... contradicting..

Will be doing a post on SHE Concert 2010... in e midst of editing the photos...
Stay tuned, okie??

PS: I have tried my best to edit the photos but i got home too late last nite.. hence e delay in my entry... maybe, i said MAYB before i knew it, MAYB SHE concert has already passed for 3weeks before i can finally get e post up! HA HA.. stay tuned anyway..


  1. Haha!!! That's my hse! And you did a good job for the 1st photo.. Hee... What's with Xuan's expression anyway? Maybe u can try photoshop away my legs? Haha...
    O and I will into my ID to you when u wanna built up ur love nest... :)

  2. lol ya faster new post!!!

  3. The pic with Yx in it looks rather eerie, seems like a lack of body and the expression not helping it... ahha...

    Straight hair is still the best!!! :)

  4. hahaa jun, my photoshop skills are still at e very beginner stage.. haven reach e level where i can photoshop away ur legs T_T

    i actually wanted to post up ur hse pics den i tink i din get ur approval so better dun.. haha

  5. Hahaha, si Tavis... very scary meh!!!!!!

  6. Xuan: Haha! Trying to be like my student? Hee~
    Ting: No worries! I'm sure u can do that. Give urself sometime manz!