Tuesday, April 13, 2010

kids nowadays r darn lucky..

or mayb its becos parents pamper their kids too much nowadays??

i cld b one of those parents in tat category one day..

been 2 a fren's baby 1st bday during e long weekend two wks ago.. i realised that the babies today r frigging lucky.. they r either dolled up like little princess or little prince... led mi thinking last time e princess or prince look is so much different from today's one..

gers got little cute tiara on their heads which i tink n tink, n i def dun rem having those thingy for my bday last time... life is def unfair!!

when i saw e bday cake, i felt even more astounded..

nice rite??? felt like i went for a wedding dinner instead of a bday celebration.. the extent parents can go for their kids nowadays.. it seems a big deal to mi becos frankly i haven seen a double tier cake b4 for all e bday parties i hav been 2.. heard tat e mother went 2 surf online n ordered all these.. e power of internet!
i also wan one T_T

seems as though its hello kitty theme for e whole bday party.. even e balloons costed a bomb.. tis is juz one bouquet.. she still has a few more in loose so tat she can give 2 every kid tat comes.. e balloons r in 3D... too engrossed seeing e kids play wif e balloons until i forgot 2 take a pic..

doing kids's biz mite b profitable too if u can do e rite marketing.. haha..


  1. Yeah.. Kids nowaday dun realise how lucky they were and thus they tend to take many things for granted.... I see my kids in school, I really cannot help but feel sorry for their parents... And though its still long, I can't help but worry if my kids will be like some kids in our school..
    You are right, kids biz very profitable. Can be a possible side-line for us. I think I rather do this than scream at kids...

  2. Wah sei, I wonder how much is spent on the entire party? Will the baby even remember? :X

  3. i believe close to 1k juz for e bb's 1st bday...
    too extravagant.. i dunno if i will do such a thing for mine though when im saying extravagant now.. hahaha..

    seriously, they r juz too young 2 even appreciate e amt spent..

  4. O my... You did a gd job with the blog. So pretty!! :)

  5. hahaha thanks!!
    there's more to improve on..

  6. Dont know where to comment. But, wow!!! You changed your blogskin abit! This one nicer.