Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Spicy Wing Challenge

dun belittle e power of this little chicken wing..

it looks well... erhm... normal... mayb u hav 2 pardon mi on my amateur photography skills and thus e essence of tis wing is not captured!! actually....... ya la..... its reali my fault... i took a few shots den i got distracted n wanna eat e wing fast... so tats e best shot of e few tat i took.. 

NOTE: this is a test for many who have tot themselves to be damn gd eater of CHILLI/SPICY FOOD etc etc... you will come to know whether r u reali tat gd in stomaching chilli once you have tried tis...

the spiciness of the wing scale from level 1 - 10 with level 10 being e most spicy... we tried level 7........ tats all im gg 2 say...




now some of my attempts at self shots using my Olympus PEN E-PL1... i absolutely love tis camera!!
no editing at all to show you e amazing effects fr tis awesome camera...
limited pose! i realised i dun dare 2 pose in front of ppl.. tend to get shy T_____T

i love e lipstick colour.. its PINK!

diorama effect..

looks like a pic in a museum... it makes mi wish i hav a full length mirror at hm...

still diorama becos i absolute love the effect.. n hence many shots in diorama..

the pin hole effect.. not much can be seen becos of the orange glow on us... captured tis in low light setting without any flash...

the gentle sepia feel.. makes mi feel like im back in e gd old kampong days.. i dun even rem much abt my young kampong life anymore...

the grainy film feel... creates a more nostalgic feel?? tat attempt is trying 2 capture a "lost in e jungle" look but failed terribly to max T____________T end up the face is like so big n flat -_-

dun u just love tis camera???


  1. heart ur lipstick colour! nice~~~

  2. yeah i like it too!! looks not bad on cam.. lolz

  3. yup nice lipstick and camera! makes mi feel like cam whoring! hahahaha

  4. I tell you ting - whenever I see you take photo is like seeing some superstar take photo like that! Almost all the photos are beautifully turn out! U got good dress sense! Maybe I sld hire you as my dress designer or something... Haha... Anyway, lookinf fiorward to tonight! You will be bringing ur pro camera with u? I haven't tried my hands with ur camera yet! :)

  5. :D :D :D

    dun like tat say.. i will blush one.. wahahahahahaaa...

    i din bring it 2nite.. u shall c it on ur hen's nite :D