Monday, November 29, 2010

touching kinship

watching a tv programme on channel 8 today..

seeing e happiness on their faces when e husband n wife was once again back in their hometown after so long.. and once again reunited with the big family once again made me recalled e times that I hav wif my big fam.. although e times spent dwindled now, I still enjoy e time spent talking 2 my aunts n uncles.. e feeling is irreplaceable..
no place is happier than being surrounded by a sea of kinship..

after tis ordeal, it made mi treasure everything even more..
thanks to my dad n sis for taking care of mi all tis while..
though he's fierce on normal days, when it comes to times like tis, he reali does his best to take care..

also thanks to all e frens hu hav taken e time off to acc mi n to visit mi when u noe I've been v bored..

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