Wednesday, November 10, 2010

random, random

going to a very random post becos no inspiration...

so decided to post the so called most luxurious trip to genting we had so far...

we got a free room of the better hotel (cld hav been even better but too bad we r not silver member la..) in genting so an inpromptu decision made n there we were on our way to genting...

decided to try for sth different as well.. so we booked e first coach bus company we saw - Transtar..

we were lucky in a sense tat for tat nite we were setting off, i guess they hav had too little ppl so they gave us a luxurious seater...

look at how spacious it is?? even walk along e aisle also not scared will bump into anything or trip over ppl's bags lor..

and look at e huge space i have for myself..
its like e most comfortable trip i hav so far to genting..
its so comfortable until i actually felt "waa! so fast reached genting le.."
plus a whole tv to myself..
so many firsts for myself in this trip also - first time sit in a double decker to genting..
u noe wat is the shittiest thing though throughout this entire bus trip?
many many nice horror movies..
but not one i dare 2 watch becos its a NITE trip up T______T
i naively tot i cld watch my horror movies on e way back to SG.. but NO, was given a lousy bus tat dripped water cos of e rain instead...

here's the view for e hotel room...
i was darn impressed..
juz plainly becos all e stays in genting were in First World, e lousiest hotel...
its juz like a box for all e gamblers to slp, tats all..
tis is very different.. at least i felt as if like im reali having a holiday this time..

spacious room wif a FULL LENGTH MIRROR..
but not v holiday mood, so din reali camwhore at all T___T


our first day dinner there.. yummy tom yam soup..
and i totally never expect the portion to b so big until i had 2 drink 5 bowls of soup

this was not the portion of rice meant for two ppl..
this was what was left over by us after having a plate of rice each..
i felt so wasteful!

okie la, not a must try dish...

next up, we went mushroom farm (as usual) for our 2nd day dinner..
its a must go place..
becos no 1 u get 2 enjoy e cold cold wind when travelling downhill..
no 2 they hav cheap food
and lastly, they have incredibly good food also..

will u believe it if i told u mi n dear BF ate 15 eggs in total for e whole genting trip???

my v favourite dish there..
their 咕噜肉 is one of e best i hav eaten... crispy to the max.. mad love and yet not tat ex...

this is dear bf's must order dish over there.. COD FISH.. ex but still cheaper than SG i tink..
and i tink they "tok" us lor.. they purposely gave such a big piece for two ppl's portions...
weird rite?? obviously wanna "tok" us one..

our meager spread for juz e two of us... eaten until damn full..

like to go genting becos it is e next closest cold place i can juz go anytime i wan...
so if any of u gers interested, once i can get free rooms, we can consider going up together :)




Halloween at Zouk

decided to drop by zouk on the halloween nite to c how far this year ppl hav gone for their gear up..
muz say i was impressed...
ppl nowadays reali willing to go all way out to actually doll up for halloween..
i onli managed to take two sort of decent photos..
becos i was too mesmerised by the various gearup there...
i saw an entourage of Corpse Bride walking along the road to zouk wif an incredibly solemn face..
so mesmerised until i totally forgot 2 take any pic...
so all e impressive ones have gone inside, leaving mi wif tat two shots.. WAHAHAHAHA

but feeling kind of old suddenly now tat i cldnt muster such enthusiasm for halloween anymore..
but, come to tink of it, i have nv attend any halloween party before either...







still reading? told u its a random and uninspirational post liao ma...


  1. Did I spy another new bag?

    Hey, I think the blue hair monster is the lady from Zouk who invited us!

  2. omg!!! i never made it to the mushroom farm coz i dunno the way...i dun mind a short getaway!


  3. nope.. its e sling bag from e blue bag! cool rite?? hahaa

  4. is a lady?! i tot is guy!!

    shi - if we manage 2 go genting as a grp someday, will bring u all go mushroom farm! haha

  5. Hahaha oh ya!!! I forgot the blue bag got inner pouch. I didn't know it has a strap!

    Ok, maybe I wrong. cos there were alot of bluehair monsters that day. All Zouk staff I think.