Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my furry hat..

bought it impromptu in uniqlo during a gathering wif dear sec sch frens..

wanted to take a look at e furry trench coat xx bought in uniqlo.. ended up the hats and berets caught my eye..

i saw a very nice furry hat?? in m)phosis.. its like a hat but without the rim around it.. wanted so much 2 take a pic but e staff was looking at mi.. den i looked at e price and got stunned.. $100 over for a furry piece like tat.. no way!

so can imagine my excitement when i saw furry stuff in uniqlo.. i even want to get a furry vest there.. now tinking of it makes mi v tempted to go back n get e suede hat as well as e furry vest..

wore e furry hat n signalled to my frens who were sitting in the blue mountain cafe... they all tink tat e furry hat is nice.. also becos they haven seen e suede hat... so i gave in 2 e furry one instead becos it is the TREND for autumn season... but im gg during winter -_-

on second thoughts, i feel like getting the suede hat too...

should i or should i not...

1 comment:

  1. Very cute leh! Please wear it out leh. Alot of people wear hats/caps out these days...