Monday, November 15, 2010

learn to never challenge god

look at the bright hot sun... i was still complaining tat e sun was so hot.. i was gg 2 melt!!

who wld hav tot what was going to happen next??

n we gers bought and carried all the things over to chalet.. FOUR of us *smirk*
i tink we r quite strong.. hahaha..


i had to blog abt tis becos tis bbq declared one of e most dramatic bbq i have been 2..
n it reali proves 2 mi one fact...

xuan came prepared wif chilli padi but she forgot abt the onions..
to stop the rain from coming...
e whole day was bright and sunny...
who noe when nearing to the bbq time, clouds gathered and sounds of thundar cld b heard..
i was like uh-ohh... dun tell mi its gg 2 rain..
so shi and xuan hastily poke some chilli padi wif satay sticks (for those who dunno, stick a chilli padi through a satay stick into the ground can help to prevent rain...)
nonetheless, drizzle came... i tink its lacking e combi of onions (we forgot all abt e onions available from the satay..)
but all along i was thankful in my heart tat luckily its onli drizzling..
though the poor guys were holding e umbrellas for us throughout..
e most gan geong bbq we ever had..
tried our best to bbq as much food as possible 2 bring..
e drama came during 2nd round of cooking..
rain stopped, so we decided to cook all e food.. den lightning struck..
we were all like errrrrrrrr.. faster faster..
juz den someone said e magical sentence, 不用担心,我们终于打败了天!
believe it or not, within tat few seconds, it was reali within tat few seconds, e sky instantly thundered and downpour came!!!!!!
dear xuan who managed to escape this "disaster" stood at e door laughing like mad, still have e time 2 find her phone 2 take pic of e pathetic us instead of searching for umbrella!!!

but on e afternote, its damn funny each time i tot abt it...
of cos tat someone kena scolded by us until jialut jialut.. HA HA HA...

so lesson learnt is do not challenge GOD!


  1. Weiiii..... It was also because I was laughing and wanted to take a picture first, and we saw Tavis rushing out the door with umbrella to shelter you back hor.....

  2. time can try dry chilli...thats what we did for our volunteer events...