Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Girls' Chat

Jun is fast!! she already posted hers up while i was still fomulating my words...

anyway, its coming! its coming! its coming!

met up wif xuan n jun yesterday (supposed to hav jer but she din make it in e end...) to catch up on various stuff.. n to tie up some loose ends that are dangling.. still, the ends din get tighten up much... instead, e more we tok, e more we made the bride realise there are still much things left to be done n she hasnt give it some tots yet!

4 more wks n counting down...

jun, e time for more girly stuff will come on ur hen's night... u can anticipate.. pls tell ur hubby $35 does not constitute to one ERP gentry O.o


  1. Haha! Yeah... The more you all talked the more confused I get! LOL!
    HAHA! OK! I will tell him to read your blog! Ooooo.. I am anticipating for Hen's night! I believe it will be FUN FUN FUN!!! :) Thanks gals for the planning! :)

  2. BLOG MORE...... :(
    I'm bored..........