Monday, November 18, 2013

coming to end of 2013

this year seems to pass a tad too fast.. its a dilemma whether i wan to pass this fast or not...

being busy month by month brought me to a startling realisation we are coming to an end of 2013..
which also means im crossing to another age of life @_@

being in a FMCG environment is ironically no joke.. everything moves so fast that now the year is moving equally fast..
month after month chasing after reporting deadlines, submission deadlines and launches to care about..
now i know that a manager used to tell mi she can stay tis long with FMCG company is not entirely because she loves that company but because she barely has the time to tink how long she has been with this company...

nevertheless, even said that, i dont tink i can go back to a "normal" company after being exposed to FMCG.. HAHA, its self sadist..

and yes, i haven been blogging AT ALL... barely finding the time to blog about life.. every minute is spent on trying to catch up with work (sounds boring) and recent years catching up with all the long time frens..
by rite all these catching up should warrant some photos update... but i find myself getting lazier to bring out my G12 during each gathering.. less said on uploading the photos.. IT IS SUCH A WASTE of a good camera.....

so now this is a reali random post... for e sake of a fren too since she got no updated blogs to read liao.. hopefully i can sum up a long lengthy post on my boring 2013 life soon...

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