Monday, January 16, 2012

ramendamen craze

Went to this super awesome ramen place at mandarin gallery - ippudo!

Omg! The queue is horrible seriously.. I seldom queue so long for food (if my memory din fail mi) but to b honest, it's kind of worth e wait because e broth is sooooooo good... Though I cannot say e same for e flavoured tamago comparing it to marutama n possibly japan..

Ippudo has like e best broth so far next to the authentic one in Japan.. It's so good until my craving for ramen continues... So much so that I went for ramen again at marutama HAHAHA

I seriously dun understand how ajisen can survive until today with such competitors... I never step my food into ajisen after my second try.. N my second time there was because I have no choice but to accommodate..

Okie so much for my blog post... I'm juz trying to show my presence n to rave abt how nice ippudo has been... Plus its kinda difficult trying to blog using an ipad.. Fingers dun feel like fingers anymore.. Sorry about this crappy post..

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