Monday, January 9, 2012

festive season celebrations

yes, kind of first post of 2012.. not counting those sale posts...

one year has once again gone by in a flash... i realize the older you get, e faster time passes by...

once again, im here to do a long post because i seem to get into a habit of not blogging for the longest time..

for a while, i find myself wif nth interesting to blog.. crappy life n lost for words..

for no reason today, i suddenly felt inspired to upload some photos that i have taken over the festive season in 2011.. to show off of cos the two cutest babies from my two darling frens..

i <3 these two babies to my utmost heart...
somehow by seeing them, all the troubles for the day flew away.. playing wif them keeps mi happy.. when i c e happiness in their face, it cheers me up tremendously..

had dinner at this place called jpot in vivo city.. recommended by jer.. so there it is for her bday treat... haaa.. e funny part is all of us tot it was a steamboat buffet.. i was preparing myself in the morning not to eat so much for breakfast and lunch... halfway through the day, in e chat, jer den told us that it was ala carte order.. pengsan.. i nearly fainted..
but okie la, otherwise i wldnt noe how many luncheon meat i hav to eat to recoup if it was a steamboat buffet.. basically e whole grp felt that bringing mi to steamboat is a waste of money becos i ate e cheapest food there..
(and what's worse.. i've been craving for luncheon meat ever since tat steamboat.. when BF suggested to have a twosome steamboat at hm, i was so happy that i cld buy an entire can of luncheon meat n have it all by myself.. what happened was when the luncheon meat was bought, we cld not find any can opener at hm.... -_- can u imagine the thousand storey fall of disappointment...)

then i found my love for moscato... i had my first taste of moscato back at a fren's hse.. after hearing SO MANY raves about how nice moscato is.. when i tried for the first time, seriously i was darn disappointed.. how can it even be nice?! so for the longest time, i was wondering izzit because moscato was drank from a normal cup which spoil the taste to the max..
after dinner, we took like forever to reach wine company becos of the many distractions along the way.. this is one of the distractions which took up so much of our time.. hahahaha

all the beautiful lightings along the broadway (is that what its called?)
it actually feels great.. to be taking photos once again.. i haven been taking photos for the longest time.. i dunno y either.. it juz nv happened as frequently as last time anymore..
anyway, back to my moscato... e gers decided to order one moscato since it sld b e mildest among all..
i tried and I LOVE IT!! one of e sweetest wine i have ever tasted and i din resist the sweetness.. (although i felt reali sinful aft drinking...)
actually until now i cldnt figure it out if e first time is reali due to e cup issue... hmmmmm...

its has been a wonderful ending to my 2011, spent wif my dearest gers n their fam... i always like e chill out sessions with them.. and very thankful for my bunch of gers be it JC or sec sch for always being there for me through all the down down periods...

<3 <3 <3 you gers to the max!

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  1. O my! I love the sentosa broadway photo! V nice!
    Oooo, Tavis's hse no can opener? I think mine too u know... Gotta go stock up alr...
    I';m glad our babies cheer u up! Feel free to come over and play with Rach! :)