Wednesday, March 16, 2011

♥ Salute to the Japanese ♥

yes, very lousy post below.. to compensate, here's a longer post to make up for the very lack in writing hasty post..

wasnt in the best of condition when trying to do up a page for my sale items... i had the most busy night, trying to catch up on news of Japan disaster, doing up the page, wrapping items, happily opening my online parcels, clearly some mess in e room without much success and catching the 9pm show.. all in one nite.. accomplishment = 50%

since friday, the whole world is very shaken by the biggest disaster ever in the century... i was equally shaken and distracted by all e news.. frankly, the impact din reali hit me when i first received news on the quake.. i was tat SLOW... its until late into nite when i saw all the twitter posts, fb posts etc etc, then it started to strike me that OMG, Japan is tat badly hit... I started following ST app, trying to grasp the gravity of the situation in japan..

and now as I am still following the various news on the aftershocks and nuclear explosions randomly each day, I am enormously sad and touched at the same time at how Japanese's spirit in trying to overcome this calamity... the biggest quake ever hit since 1900s..

The sadness is very overwhelming when the footage of wreckage is displayed over and over again in papers, in news, over the internet etc and etc... its just very heart-wrenching to see a once prosperous country being reduced to such a state.. n what is worse after all the aftershocks is the nuclear explosion that followed which adds on to the gravity...

of all countries involved, it is reported that Japan is the only country being hit by nuclear twice.. once in WWII and then today.. how devastating can this get...

i read, i saw, many r commenting that this mite be the retribution for Japan for what has happened 70 years ago... seriously, i dun care retribution or not... i believe their ancestors have paid for the price of it through the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the side effects that the future generations had to ebar after that... Y HAVE TO 落井下石在别人这么惨的遭遇??

when such disaster struck, it should already past beyond the stage of snickering at the fate of Japan and worshipping the fact that its retribution... isnt it v shameful to be here snickering at their pitiful state while the Japanese are standing strong and calm for their calamity.. they took it in their stride.. to be honest, i doubt there are many countries in this world who can face such calamity compared to the Japanese with this type of attitude.. No pushing, no rushing for OWN dear life.. all stood in calm and regimented queue, even though their world is shaking into pieces... SERIOUSLY, WHO CAN DO THAT?? the chinese will push their surrounding mates down in order to save their own lives.. would any chinese still stood so selflessly in consideration for the safety of the ppl around them?? i salute and truely applaud them for their attitude and spirit... its true, this is the result of their own strong education and not something that can be achieved through GDP..

so the more i read, the more devasted i felt especially when i tot of how frantically they r trying to stop even more nuclear explosions with futile efforts.. i dun wan to c Japan to be reduced to a country of nothing-less.. i wan the Japanese to be safe and sound and not suffer fr anymore side effects of the nuclear explosions.. Instead, it gets even more depressing when it's being reported that children are sick in the cold weather and the victims are all trying to last their food out... and now there's nth i could help except to try to donate..

the fastest way currently to try to reach out and donate is through the Red Cross Society in Singapore.. i tink tis mite be the fastest way to make sure the money goes out directly to Japan..
and the best part, i encountered NETWORK error when I tried to go in to their website!
Anyone who noe the method of donating, please do drop me a comment...

It is not becos I have been to Japan before... nor me being a Japan fan... nor the fact that i am obsessed with Japan.. that triggers off this post... but the spirit from them that inspired and moved me to bits... how they r actually taking everything in stride and not complaining.. This is what i wan to commemorate about...

I sincerely and earnestly hope Japan can survive this ordeal.. I still wan to contribute to their economy...

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