Thursday, August 25, 2011

back to blogging!

it has been a reali long while since i last blog..

i have been itching to blog for the longest time.. but for the longest time, i found myself with absolutely no time to blog...

seriously, everyday i came home exhausted, so much so that i dun even feel like using my laptop.. i cld not even find any time to read any blogs :( felt myself being very detached from the blogging world.. i used to update myself with all the new posts from all the blogs nearly everyday such that i wish my frens can update their blogs more frequently.. sometimes i wish i hav tis luxury... yet on the contrary, i do not wish to go back to those shithole days once again at the expense of free time..

for an update, yes i have finally gotten myself out of the terrible rut.. i have never felt happier and RELIEVED until e day i left tat terrible and horrible rut... although e most wrenching episode still did happen on that day and since i din blog abt it a few mths back, this shall go back into my memory book... a memory that i hope one day i can scrap it away and forget abt this bitch in my life..

i found myself in a happier environment.. with very supportive colleagues to work with... but the work is reali tough.. and so time consuming that i can work from 9am till 9pm near to non stop in ofc.. its amazing.. becos i cld not recall myself being tis hardworking in the past... frens told me "welcome to the real working world finally" HAHAHA.. and xuan told me she nv has to wait for me before because of work.. which undeniably is very true.. its always ME who has to wait for her... haha

getting so rusty wif blogging until i cldnt tink of any interesting enough things to blog abt... actually i do have a post to update.. that is way past due... so probably not to harp on that anymore.. time whizzed by damn frigging fast... i gave myself a month's break... but honestly, i dunno where tis one mth has flew to.. i felt i had not accomplished anything in this one mth's break and i had to force myself back into the reality of working... all i rem was it had been a great month where i can slp at anytime i wan.. i can wake up naturally without the need of an alarm clock.. life like that is funnily fulfilling even though i mite not have done anything worth mentioning at all..

except the jb trip i had wif my gers... it felt like umpteen yrs (actually i tink its reali umpteen yrs but i refused to acknowledge how many yrs exactly was the ago...) ago where we stepped into jb together for the first time.. the anticipation to go wif the gers is still there and very fresh... i reali missed those days where we were frigging young n carefree.. im glad we made it to jb together.. it was a wonderful time spent together shopping in the mall..

and also for the tw trip with dear BF.. its a much different trip from previous trips.. the time spent trekking to scenic places wif him made everything worthwhile... its especially breathtaking at the waterfall wif him beside me.. the beauty of it astounded me... then the beauty of 花莲 astounded me even more.. the endearing part is to share the beauty of the places with him..
and guess what, i miss tw now o.O

now im wondering if i can take a yr end trip to tw again??? **cross fingers and hope** im missing cold cold weather...

it feels good actually to be able to find some time today to sit in front of my laptop, typing these words out... although i know all in all, its a quite nonsensical post.. thanks for reading until now.. hahaa..

lastly, ending off wif a self absorbed pic of me.. haha!

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