Sunday, April 3, 2011

to dearest yun - part 2

all in the months of preparations had came to a close in a flash in one day...

a lot of feelings involved especially on the exact day, seeing my best buddy changing her status officially to mrs tan..

i tot i can grow to be stronger after being involved in other close buddies wedding..

i tot its as simple as trying to control the emotions from flooding, just try my might..

i tot aa, i have improved a lot by not dropping any tears when i watched e video montage...

but it broke me when i hear ur speech on stage... the uncontrollable urge to flood caved in n e floodgate opened... even until today when i replayed ur speech in my head, when the memories of our grp friendship flash back, the tears have a way of their own to fill my eyes..
i was even at the table, half praying to myself "pls pls, dun say so much touching stuff, else my tears cannot stop.."

then my dear BF said its abnormal if i dun cry -_-

but in e end im glad u did.. becos its indeed a very good speech...

i am truthfully and awfully touched by ur words last nite... especially Friends Forever... it takes a day to make a lot of frens but a lifetime to find true frens that will stick to u... and u and my many other sisters r worth a lifetime to keep in my life...

juz like u hav been to be there for me through gd and bad, i will also be there for u through all the good and bad (but of cos many many good for u in the future...)

honestly i even had that momentary moment of the urge to cry when i saw u hugging ur mum in the morning.. so i escaped into the room before i embarassed myself further..

and lastly i wanna thank you for giving me the chance to be your jie mei for ur BIG day.. hence i was able to participate in the many discussions and preparations for your wedding..
the preparations towards your wedding has been one of the most enjoyable process throughout this period of time to keep me going through the horrible work..

thanks for the photo shoot back in NUS.. it brought back many good memories...

thanks for the many many things you have brought to my life ever since u came into it..

it is, in very truthful words, that i have attended one of the best weddings in my life.. and very happy to know (even though its juz momentarily) JM's decent bunch of bros on ur wedding day..

lastly, thanks to the bunch of jiemeis that stay in my life throughout :D

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