Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my first post

finally i hav got started on my new blog address.. juz nice before april's fool so tat ppl wont mistaken it as a joke.. haha.. okie.. lousy joke..

i shall start off wif a post on my genting trip..

have been there a few times.. 1st time was a young n innocent trip.. i rem it as shuddering cold n exquistiely fun trip.. wif my sec sch frens, we spent a whole day in e theme park.. only stepped inside the casino for sightseeing... tats y i said it was a young n innocent trip.. 2nd time onwards, i went wif dear BF.. tat was like 2yrs ltr before i stepped into genting again... now tat i hav all grown up, u cld hav guess e purpose for e trip.. haaa.. or put it more explicitly, it means no more outdoor theme park..

my most recent trip - was incredibly fun for reasons i dunno how 2 explain.. but i enjoyed tis trip tremendously.. there r many firsts for this trip..... surprisingly.... given e number of times i have been there..

here's my v first experience with 阿一鲍鱼..

the ironic thing is i DUN eat abalone!!! so dear BF got e best out of this deal.. he gets 2 eat e whole abalone..

felt kinda cheated... we were expecting a reali big n nice abalone fr e menu picture.. somehow when it came, it didnt look tat appetising at all..

tis abalone came in a set.. complete with shark's fin, rice n dessert.. sad to say again tat e shark's fin wasnt tat fantastic either... i prefer e one in PP hotel T_T


the nice nice mango pudding..

when we stepped inside e restaurant n got seated, there was a captain hu came over to us.. i din reali take much notice of her.. because i was too busy looking at e menu deciding which dim sum i sld eat... boy, i miss HK dim sum... *sighz* it was then a funny incident occurred... apparantly e captain was looking at mi n i wasnt paying attention.. she walked away n came back again in a short while holding a notepad n pen, looking as if she wans 2 take our order now.. so dear BF told her 2 give us another moment.. den she "excuse me" n place e notepad in front of mi.. "can you write down e name of the perfume u r wearing?? i've been looking for tis perfume v long but dunno e name.." frankly, wat do u do in such a situation?? i cld only smile n noted down e name for her, a little awed by her.. her reaction was pretty funny.. shy shy one..
she offered a plate of fruits as a gesture of thanks n was pretty attentive throughout e meal...

here's e fruits.. quite gd hor.. still got mango inside one.. n pretty sweet also...

2nd part - she came over again n asked if i carry my perfume cos she wanna spray a little n keep.. exact words she said 要不然等下你走了, 我就闻不到了... funny, isnt it?? dear BF still volunteered to bring down my perfume for her... haha..

but i fell sick e moment i was back fr genting... -_-


  1. is nice babe! v pink n dreamy ~ lol

    n ya tat waitress v cute, so unexpected. so which collection of ur perfume u using tat day tat she been looking for a long time?

  2. hahaa... its e calvin klein one..

  3. My dear! You look so pretty in the photos! :) And what's up with the blog up before April fool??? Hee...So funny...